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In the Face of Fear Floyd Syre

In the Face of Fear

Floyd Syre

Published April 3rd 2014
ISBN : 9781492926368
234 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For those who joined before September 11, the thought of fighting in full scale combat was unimaginable. Many leaders had been around for years, but lack true experience in the art of combat. The story is written by Floyd Syre a veteran during the Afghan and Iraq wars. The story centers on Jack, 19, fresh out of basic training, and newly married as he enters an elite contingency response unit just weeks before the tragic September 11. Jack will be confronted with preparing for war, the uncertainty of being of the first Americans to fight, numerous back to back deployments, and the stress those bring to his team, new bride, and himself. As the stress mounts Jack is forced to evolve to an ever changing environment, past experiences, and personal growth. The book explores the decisions and impacts of constant deployments that young soldiers faced when war was not an everyday experience as it is today. Which deployment will be Jacks last?